Sunday, 1 April 2012

Call Me 'April Fool' Says Cllr Collins

Yes you all knew what it was didn't you? Best I could do I'm afraid.

With apologies to Grayson Perry and, well the whole trans community probably...


In what will be seen as a brave move, the NCC leader has announced that she now plans to live as a woman and wants colleagues and the public to call her Joan from now on.

In a statement Cllr Collins said -

"In all honesty I have been struggling with my gender identity for years. I think this has been apparent to many people as I have clearly been prone to lapsing into outrageously over the top macho decision making for some time and I think I may have been overcompensating."

The Conservative opposition wished him well but expressed cynicism at the timing of JoanCo's announcement.

"It seems a bit of a coincidence that we have the mayor referendum coming up and Cllr Collins suddenly starts flouncing about in a dress. I do wonder if he's just trying to draw attention away from the issue and he'll be back to his old self on May 4th. In fact I wouldn't be that surprised if things are as they were by tomorrow afternoon" said a spokesTory.

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Peter said...

Now that is funny. It will pi** him off immmensely.