Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Sometimes, Sorry Is The Hardest Word...

A mixture of *facepalm* and sympathy for a particular Information Governance worker today.

NCC's latest solution to its inability/unwillingness to respond to FoI requests is to send apology letters to all those cases still waiting on the Whatdotheyknow website. At time of writing 12 had been sent out.

Not sure that's the best use of a chap's morning but that's for his manager to decide.Wonder how many of these are down to being held up by the Comms team due to the non PR friendly nature of the answer.

Two of the letters have gone out to me but they forgot the one where I've been waiting 8 1/2 months for any response at all. The ICO told me that decision notice is going out on this on this week. If it's still ignored it's contempt of court time.

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