Friday, 8 July 2011

How Much Does Freedom of Information Cost?

Back to JoCo on Twitter again for the latest in his campaign to discredit Freedom of Information.

Firstly, he told the Save Supporting People campaign that FoI costs NCC £500k pa and that you 'could save a lot of services with that'.

Ignoring the fact that you probably couldn't save 'a lot' of services with £500k, maybe one or two perhaps, it does seem strange that NCC is spending the equivalent of five housing scandal 'investigations' just on Freedom of Information.

Especially seeing as a report to the Overview and Scrutiny Committee last year said that at full strength (at the time there were two posts open), the whole Information Governance service had a compliment of SEVEN staff. And they have to deal with Data Protection as well.

Even allowing for 'on-costs' that suggests that the average salary in Info Gov is around £58k. Don't tell the Daily Mail.

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