Thursday, 30 June 2011

Paul Dacre is a Cunt (off Topic Post of the Week)

Paul Dacre is the editor of the Daily Mail 'newspaper'. That on its own is enough to condemn him as a cunt.

However, it appears that the Mail's lawyers have taken to threatening bloggers for 'defamation' when in fact no such thing is happening. In fact, I think this makes it reasonable to label him a dickhead as well. Although, the fact that he is doing so by threatening the web-hosts rather than the author, who obviously have no interest whatsoever in not caving, pushes him more back to 'cunt' territory.

It's a bit like when NCC sent me a letter telling me to stop being nasty, although even they had the decency to contact me direct and weren't quite stupid enough to claim defamation.

So, in my humble opinion, Paul Dacre is a cunt and a dickhead. I look forward to hearing from Google.

Addendum; and he allows stuff like this crass nonsense into his paper

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