Sunday, 12 June 2011

Not About Nottingham...

This is a brief post expressing solidarity to Welsh blogger Caebrwyn who writes a similar(ish) blog to mine but focusing on the trials and tribulations of Carmarthenshire Council.

Recently she attempted to film a public council meeting on her mobile phone. Predictably, officials told her to stop but she correctly pointed out that she was not doing anything wrong and continued. Police arrived and she was bundled away and locked up on spurious 'breach of the peace' grounds.

Outrageously, the police told her they would keep her in overnight if she didn't sign an undertaking not to film council meetings again. Understandably she decided to cut her losses and signed.

Caebrwyn is currently considering her legal options but I hope she takes both the police and the council to the cleaners.

Her blog posts about the incident can be found here and here. The story seems to be hitting the mainstream media as well.

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