Friday, 11 February 2011

Standards Committee Looks Like It's About to Do Something

Yep, there are signs that the Standards Committee might be about to actually do some actual work.

The 18 Feb agenda lists a consideration of 'case 2009/001'. This COULD be the Cllr Grocock case but, as it's obviously going on behind closed doors I can't be sure.

If it is I confidently predict he will be fully exonerated because the Standards Committee is a JoCo lapdog.

Update - My mistake, the above appears to be a pre-consideration of the investigation report for that case. I think THIS is the meeting where an actual case is being considered but, as it's designated 2010/001, it's obviously not the same one and is probably not Grocock's. No idea whose its mind because, you guessed it, it's being kept secret.

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