Saturday, 29 January 2011

NCC Bigwigs Afraid to Engage In Debate?

As mentioned before both JoCo and his Alistair Campbell wannabe Stephen Barker have blogs.

However, both seem to have missed one of the points of blogging which is to engage in debate with your readers via the comments system.

Barker in particular seems to have had a hissy fit when I made a detailed comment on one of his blog posts, the comment remained in moderation for ever and now his original post has been deleted completely. JoCo, as mentioned yesterday, has still to allow my comment about his lack of enthusiasm for publishing financial data, as requested so politely by our dear Tory government.

What's up chaps? Are you chicken?

Bwaaaaak bwak bwak bwak!


Anonymous said...

No reply yet then?

Andy said...

Seems we have...