Friday, 7 January 2011

Collins (and others) Cover Up #2

You will probably have read the Post's coverage of NCC's decision not pursue the housing allocations scandal any further.

Not the world's biggest surprise admittedly, especially as JoCo had been implicated early on and we couldn't have him being looked at too closely could we?

Similarly, despite the more concrete allegations regarding Cllr Brian Grocock's involvement he was still installed as Lord Mayor, presumably so that someone well-behaved would be chairing council meetings. And I'm sure it's just coincidence that the Standards Committee is stalling over its investigation into what he got up to.

Lastly, we have Tyron Browne who legged it as fast as his little legs could carry him when the shit hit the fan but is comfortably ensconced in hoovering up grant aid from NCC via PATRA and now Nottingham Equal, which is a whole other den of iniquity involving One Nottingham and Cllr Hassan Ahmed (who the Standards Committee also seem to be dragging their feet over investigating).

What is funny is that NCC has supposedly spent £100k on its own solicitors investigating the matter. This from the council who drafts in outside consultants at the drop of a hat and whose legal department couldn't find their own backsides if it was a foggy day. Strange that in this context which would benefit from an outside objective look they decide to stay in house.

And of course the Notts Police (prop. J. Collins Esq) have also decided not to investigate.

Other than that I think the Post's coverage speaks for itself and there's not a lot to add.

PS Happy New Year all.

Addendum - Here's the actual report recommending no further action. Could've sworn that wasn't there before...


Janet said...

What does PATRA really do? Judging by its website not a lot. According to Way Back When their first web presence went on line in January 2000. Six years later the site remained unchanged.

In 2007 they went for something a little snazzier and nearly four years later it too remains unchanged.

Andy said...

They are supposedly a training agency for BME communities, although a lot of their 'training' seems to involve placements at various places inc NCC.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Andy, I just rattled off my own post when I read the EP report without checking your blog first and have come up with an almost word for word copy.

Just proves the old adage about great minds though, eh?

As for PATRA, if anyone can actually find someone that they've trained and who has got a permanent job as a result of this training, I'd be interested to know.

Janet said...

Maybe time for "none of the above" at the next city elections.

Peter said...

Someone should compile a dossier and send it to the dodgy Daily Mail who may see it as an opportunity for a little Labour bashing.