Monday, 1 November 2010

Standards Committee Fail 2

The Standards Committee is finally meeting on 8 November. This is the first time it has met since 21 June so that's nearly 5 months off.

At that last meeting all they did was to review the report by Standards for England about Hassan Ahmed. Despite the justified complaint that SfE appeared to have stretched logic to ensure he got off scot free (more on this soon) one can't help noting that at least SfE does actually get round to hearing its cases.

True to form the Committee is not going to be considering any of the (at least) four outstanding cases against serving councillors. After all, it's starting to get close to the elections and I'm sure none of the councillors concerned would welcome the bad publicity.

And, true to form, Monitoring Officer Glen O'Connell is still ignoring my emails about the two cases I referred. If he doesn't get back to me by Friday it's going to the Ombudsman.

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