Monday, 22 November 2010

Notts SOS Demo

I attended the Notts SOS demo yesterday, was heartening to see such a good turnout.

I have to say that I always feel slightly ambivalent at these events listening to hypocritical bullshit from Nottm City Unison about how Tories only look after themselves and the like. This from an organisation whose branch chairman Gary Ward lied to help one of their stewards stitch me up.

Still bad apples and all that and I retain my strong belief in the Trades Union movement as a whole. It's only that which has so far prevented me from writing the full story of Nottm City Unison's part in my problems with NCC. Still mulling that one over...

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Andy said...

To the poster calling themselves 'crymeariver';

I sincerely apologise for removing your post. However, given that it contained a serious allegation about a named individual I have to worry about potential libel issues.

Please be assured that it's not that I don't believe you, just that as yet I have no idea who you are so wouldn't be able to call on you as a witness if I did get hauled before a court. I still have the comment though.

I've just got your msg via another platform and will be in touch.