Monday, 4 October 2010

You Lift Me Up...

As you can see I'm running out of potential titles with the word 'lift' in them.

A response has arrived from NCC about how much they are paying to Dunbar and Boardman for lift maintenance.

It works out to £3388 per month including VAT which comes to £40655 pa. Not as much as I was expecting I have to admit. In the last year that the internal team was in operation the net cost was £36,070 pa although that was back in 2008.

My guess is that at most NCC gets a couple of days work for that monthly spend whereas the internal team had at least two full time staff (more I think). Remember that this is for monitoring and commissioning work, costs for actual repairs and maintenance are separate.

With this being a suspiciously low figure I hope that my first info request eventually digs up a copy of the decision to commission Dunbar and Boardman via the Information Commissioner's Office. Will have to wait for a bit on that one though.

Update - Been told that D+B only have to look after approx 20% of the lifts that NCC's internal team did as the majority are the responsibility of NCH. Prior to D+B NCH looked after all of them but decided to cut back after the Viccy Flats accident. I think NCH have one f/t worker doing their lifts.

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