Monday, 18 October 2010

Working For Your Constituents

It's always heartwarming to see councillors stand up for their constituents, especially when that assistance transcends the fact that the constituent concerned is serving a 35 year stretch in one of Her Maj's finest establishments.

And so my cockles were warmed, nay toasted, to see Cllr Brian Grocock, duly elected member for Bestwood ward and the current Lord Mayor, representing a constituent's interests responding to a piece reported in the Post today.

You might have heard of Cllr Grocock's constituent. He's a misunderstood Robin Hood figure, no angel he'd be the first to admit but he loves his mum and always looked out for the old folk and local teenagers. Sometimes to the point of providing lucrative employment opportunities for the latter.

Among those who misunderstand our humble folk hero is Notts Police who helped to arrange for his long term stay in his new accommodation but not in the way that Cllr Grocock normally helps his constituents to find somewhere to live.

Anyway, the rozzers seem to be thinking that this chap is still involved in nefarious activities organised from his cell, as do a former Notts Chief Constable and a local community worker.

Enter stage left Cllr Grocock who's here to tell us that these fears are are all stuff and nonsense and that his constituent is being much maligned. After all, what do the police know, they only had a specialist unit investigating the alleged felon, his family and his associates (some of whom have also spent time in the clink but I've no truck with guilt by association on this blog) for several years? Clearly Cllr Grocock knows best and that anybody who thinks they are currently suffering at the hands of this chap and his associates must be imagining things.

I'm so glad that responsible and knowledgeable public figures like Cllr Grocock are here to combat the needless panic and alarm spread by the police and to stand up for his constituent's good name.

At least, I presume that's his motivation for speaking out, can't think of anything else...

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