Monday, 27 September 2010

Win a Warmer Planet

We all know that NCC is going to have to make lots of cuts so it's nice that they have given us all the opportunity to tell them where to make them. Expect lots of capslock "SACK ALL SOCIAL WORKERS REMEMBER ANGEL BABY P" and complaints about asylum seekers 'getting everything' type malarkey.

I've written before about how NCC is very proficient at getting the answers it wants and, if that doesn't work, ignoring them anyway. We can probably expect more of the same.

However the thing that initially got my goat is that they've offered a prize for completing the online survey consisting of two flights out of East Midlands Airport (they are silent as to whether you get tickets to come back).

Don't get me wrong, I like prizes as much as the next bod but offering free plane trips isn't very green is it? Whatever happened to 'Travel Smarter, Live Better'?

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