Friday, 17 September 2010

Recruitment Agencies

Just seen an interesting little FoIA snippet on the 'What Do They Know' site.

According to this response, NCC actually increased the amount it spent on a temp agency called Taskforce last year.

Bear in mind that at the beginning of the 2009/10 financial year NCC was implementing its 'Workforce Reductions' phase 1, losing 438 posts between Feb and Nov 2009 (source p16 here). Yet the amount paid to Taskforce increased from £2,675,928.20 in 08/09 to £2,923,697.75in 09/10.

Among the compulsory redundancies were the lift maintenance team, which eventually had to be replaced by consultants Dunbar and Boardman following a serious accident. I'm waiting to hear how much this contract is costing.

I wonder how many other hidden costs there are that result from the slashing of jobs?

PS The FoIA request that this relates to was submitted on 15 Sep and answered on 17 Sep. My request about payments to Dunbar and Boardman was submitted before it yet has not been answered yet.

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I read your information from begining to the end and I think that is interesting information..