Friday, 20 August 2010

Please Register to Vote!

Please can I request and remind all readers, especially those of you actually living in Nottingham, to register to vote? Yes, I know it's a crap system and all but I truly believe that we should grasp what little means of influence we have, even though we should be given more.

The forms are coming out about now, I got mine last week and have just registered using the online facility. How TERRIBLY convenient.

The reason why I particularly urge Nottingham readers to register is that the Nottingham City Council elections are only 8 months or so away. It is therefore our chance to put the wind up some of the jokers who populate this blog and, of course, to support the honourable exceptions who do actually do a good job. Yes, there are a few one or two.

While we're on about elections, can I remind you about the 'Take Back Parliament' campaign? I know their focus is national politics but many of the arguments are relevant to local elections too.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am hugely in two minds as to whether to run or not.

I don't like to tell people to vote though, because I feel that politicans only use it as an excuse to say "well you voted for me".