Friday, 6 August 2010

Harold Tinworth - Nearing the End of the Story (Although Probably Not the End of Harold Tinworth)

Surprisingly quick work from NCC's Info Governance bods for a change.

Following the District Auditor's mild telling off for NCC and an instruction to put the work previously done by Harold Tinworth out to tender, I decided to ask for a copy of it and here it is!

Points of interest include a specification of only 25 days work plus any extra for preparation. By my reckoning Tinworth was doing around 35 days a year from his invoices. Either the work is nearly done or they plan on re-tendering in less than a year's time. Quite right too. If I remember I may well check up on that at the time.

Clearly, this will be an entirely open competition and I'm sure that someone other than Mr Tinworth has every chance of securing the gig. And I'm sure Councillor Collins will do the right thing and confirm the successful applicant in a published portfolio holder decision.

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