Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Gardengate Case Put Back Shock

Do you see what I did there?

You know, me being prosecuted for having a scruffy garden, and everything has to have '-gate' after it? Admit it, you wish you'd written it.

Anyway, NCC's pathetic and discriminatory* revenge case** against me has been put back from tomorrow to the middle of August, on their application.

This is the second time they have applied for an adjournment, the first time was because they said they wanted to investigate whether I was disabled, then notoriously came back to the renewed hearing claiming that I wasn't because I hadn't got a social worker.

I have no idea why they asked for this second postponement. It may have something to do with my submitting evidence and legal arguments which presumably foxed them. After all, NCC's legal services clearly know nothing about employment, tenancy or disability discrimination law so it would be no surprise to find out that they know nothing about town and country planning law either. I'll update this if I get any clue as to their reasons.

One of my arguments is that the officers who have been pursuing and prosecuting me don't have authority to do so under NCC's constitution. If that turns out to be correct it means there is a very strong argument that their actions constitute criminal harassment as they would no longer have lawful reason for those actions. I can't see why the individual officers couldn't be prosecuted for that. One or two people might need to start sweating.

* My problems looking after my garden stem from mental health problems which NCC refuse to recognise or take into account, putting them in breach of the Disability Discrimination Act.

** NCC are pretty clearly trying to get me back for a) blogging about them and b) exposing their solicitors and management (especially useless fat-arse Lisa Black) at an Employment Tribunal for being grossly incompetent and/or dishonest bullies. They tried to claim that I wasn't disabled then as well.

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