Monday, 12 July 2010

Corporate Transport Review Revisited

A few weeks ago I slagged off one of Cllr Jane Urquart's portfolio decisions for being a fucking disgrace and an insult to the interests of local taxpayers.

One of my criticisms was that 'Calamity' Jane couldn't be bothered even to tell us how much she was planning to spend on a consultant, Bill Trattles, who probably got the gig because he's one of her mates*.

A tiny bit more info has snuck out. It is usual at Executive Board meetings for a list of recent portfolio holder decisions to be presented. At the next one the list includes JU's decision of 2 June and we learn that Mr Trattles is due to trouser £50k of your hard earned for doing whatever a 'Corporate Transport Review' involves for however long it's going to take him**.

* If any libel lawyers are reading I think I'm entitled to speculate on that being the reason as JU couldn't be bothered to tell us why he was chosen nor why she decided to dispense with the normal financial regs which are designed to avoid nepotism in procurement and ensure value for money. You tell me, WHAT reputation?

**Cllr Urquart also failed to mention how much actual work Trattles will be doing so we can't work out his daily rate or decide whether we are getting value for money.

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