Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Victoria Leisure Centre About to Close?

Received an email from the Save Viccy Baths Campaign -

''After a long period of silence from the Council we have learned that they intend to close the Victoria Leisure Centre at the end of March 2010 - but worse, the staff will be relocated in FEBRUARY making it more likely that it will close earlier than then. There are NO approved plans for the new leisure centre and not even any planning permssion to start redevelopment.

The Council are doing this as part of the cost-cutting exercise they have put in place to recoup their Icelandic losses. They estimate they will save £395,000 by closing the Centre early, despite their promise to keep it open until 2011.''

Just an extract I'm afraid but I'm limited when posting via email. Sounds like JoCo and the lads are playing a bit fast and loose, I certainly don't remember early closure with no definite rebuild plans being mentioned previously.

The campaigners are holding a public meeting on WEDNESDAY JANUARY 13 at 6pm at the Training Suite, Victoria Leisure Centre to discuss plans to save the Victoria Baths from closure and demolition.

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Anonymous said...

Hope they have more luck than the 'Save Noel Street baths' campaign.