Monday, 25 January 2010

More on the Stonebridge Farm Debacle

Signs of a complete lack of joined up thinking at NCC, on the one hand they are shaving land off Stonebridge Farm but on the other the on Tuesday St Anns and Dales Area Committee is being presented with a draft strategy for developing food growing opportunities in Nottingham which very much relies on facillities like, um, Stonebridge Farm.

To be fair the document acknowledges that -

"... until now there has been no central point to bring together all the work regarding food growing taking place across the Council..."

which is probably at least partly why these situations arise.

The 'Protect Stonebridge City Farm' campaign is encouraging interested parties to attend the area committee meeting which is open to the public and is being held at 7pm in the Committee Room at the Council House later today (Tuesday) 26 January. You can also follow their campaign on 'Twitter'.

Talking of Twitter, NCC's Portfolio Holder for Environment and Climate Change Katrina Bull has been tweeting away about her enthusiasm for locally grown veg and wondering aloud whether it would be possible for such local goodies to be served in school dinners.

Obviously this is to be applauded but she's so far been silent on my requests for her views on the Stonebridge issue.

Maybe you'll have more luck, if you do tweeting you can find her @katrinabull.

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