Wednesday, 14 January 2009

They're on your side Part 1

Big job cuts at Nottingham City Council (Eve Post)

Unison's Gary Ward says its "unacceptable" and "disgraceful".

That'll show 'em. Go Gary, Go Gary...

Predictable comments from the twats alert;

"There are plenty of non jobs in the nonsensical political correctness departments that would do the City a favour if they went.

But we can guarantee it wont be these jobs that will be affected."

That'll wipe the smug smile off a few faces."

How many thousands is being wasted on interpreters and insisting on publishing council literature in every conceivable language under the sun?"

Its starting to look like we get the politicians we deserve in Nottingham.

But its got nothing to do with the 'JoCo's gone to Iceland and lost all the money' fiasco. Oh no. Completely irrelevant. Silly to even suggest such a thing. More from the Post.

Its all looking a bit grim.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I thought I had already added a link in my blog to your blog,but i just realised today I haven't. So one has now been added (Nottingham is Crap).

Nick B. said...

I'm interested to know why Jon Collins has TWO profiles on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

Are you aware of the existence of a company by the name of Jon Collins (Nottingham) Ltd, company number 4165699? Currently listed as a dormant company but its list of directors and certificate of incorporation are worth a read.

Andy said...

I see its a 'business and management consultancy'. Quite a potential for conflict of interest there.

Companies House now says its 'active' altho couldn't find a list of directors on there.