Friday, 16 January 2009

BNP member on NCH Disabled Person's panel

Nottingham City Homes has been in the local news this week, although I don't think anybody has noticed.

As if things weren't bad enough for them it seems that a 'Gold' member of the BNP has joined their disabled residents' forum, known as 'Homes 4 Us' and claims to have reached the dizzy heights of Vice Chair.

I found this out only a few minutes ago perusing the Evening Post site for any more updates on the corruption scandal and found a comment from Rev J.P. Cotterill-Attaway on one of the articles.

Now the Rev has got a quite easy to remember name and I remember it popping up on the leaked BNP membership list. A bit of a search finds this letter from him to the Post which demonstrates that he's not shy of revealing his membership, although he seems to be on their 'deluded' wing. However, he is described as an activist on the membership list and this would appear to be borne out by the fact that he attempted to run for office, defeated only by a 'paperwork error'.

However, he does seem to have gone a little shy on his myspace page, now its just 'Jason' rather than his full name.

The Rev rather side steps allegations of racism in the BNP in his letter but he might like to look at the BNP's website today if he's not sure. Articles alleging that Lincs County Council would rather employ Romanian Gypsies and travellers than local people when nothing of the sort is evident. Another claiming that 'Third World immigration' turned London into 'Middle East Battleground'. This then becomes 50,000 Muslims and a handful of extremist communists'. In an article discussing the disproportionate number of black people being searched they say;

"Instead of drawing the logical conclusion — that there are higher rates of offenders amongst certain groups — the Race Gestapo has immediately blamed white policemen for the problem."

They forget this is about stop and search and presence on the DNA database not convictions.

Remember that this is the BNP's public face, the bit they allow to get on the news. Yet even here, everything is twisted, inflammatory language and 'white fright' stories are used in order to denigrate ethnic minorities, immigrants and asylum seekers. This is racism, pure and simple. Their latest campaign to young people claims that most racism is against white 'indigenous Britains' which is utterly preposterous.

I can't help wondering, its more than that, I state as an unequivocal fact that membership of this race hate promoting 'party' is incompatible with serving as a member of a consultative committee for NCH, which of course provides housing to a multicultural community.

Disabled ethnic minority NCH tenants may wish to ask themselves whether their interests can ever properly be represented by a BNP activist. Best of luck.


slatch said...

I'm pleased that you are doing your best to improve the life style of disabled persons.but the point is, is it only the health issues faced by disabled persons. we should also concentrate on other factors like disables sports
activities, and other everyday requirements of disabled peoples like an ordinary person required.

Andy said...

I hear what you're saying but thats not really what this blog is about, its about exposing the incompetence and downright skullduggery carried out by Nottm City Council and its associated bodies and organisations.

If you have evidence or arguments that NCC have failed in their duty to disabled people to the point of incompetence please do feel free to send it in or add it via comments but like I say, campaigning for disabled people's rights per se isn't really our raison d'etre.

john b said...

"Articles alleging that Lincs County Council would rather employ Romanian Gypsies and travellers than local people"

I thought the BNP narrative was that gypsies stole things and cheated benefits, being too feckless to actually get jobs? I suppose expecting logical consistency in knuckle-dragging bigots' positions is a bit optimistic.