Friday, 30 October 2015

Abuse Victim 'Silenced' By Nottingham City Council

Two posts in one day? Blimey, go me...

Unfortunately it means that bad things are happening. I've just seen a news report that Nottingham City Council has taken legal action against Mickey Summers, a lead campaigner and complainant in the Beechwood Children's Home scandal to shut him up.

The Council has taken out an interim anti-social behaviour injunction against Mr Summers with a somewhat wide-ranging scope -

"The injunction bans him from visiting all "non-residential" council premises or approaching staff and from posting "any material involving anyone from Nottingham City Council, its staff, councillors, employees or agents" on the internet."

Considering that this concerns Mr Summers' experiences of being abused as a child at the hands of NCC (and the County as predecessors) this seems an excessively draconian attempt to silence the victim. NCC is never very keen for people to go around spreading information that undermines its reputation. It often uses the bullshit excuse that staff are affected. You know what I say to those staff? Get over yourself.

I hope Mr Summers is able to challenge the injunction at the full hearing.

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Richard A Stonemason said...

Top Post Andy. Silenced NOT. HaHa.. satire is cool. Mickey wont go away and neither will the problems unless there is mutiny within the system and full accountability is recognised and the crud washed out into the open to air, dry and be qvestioned, no scone unturned.

Taking bribes under threat of job loss or other forms of mafiism such are Nottingham Council and ALL councils is somewhat forgivable and covering up for someone elses grati is not only immoral it is stupid, dim, a weight on the shoulders forever more. for someone elses disgusting pleasure? Give us a break.

Repent your sins means just that. See the light and pass the burden on.
#WhistleBlowers are victims too. The support and protection needs to be in place before advancement. and since you posted, things are more widely known and appreciated only the saga is still going on, being dragged out like a lump of spaghetti dough.

Stay Safe.
If you want.