Sunday, 1 June 2014

In Ca(stle) Hoots

Before I start proper, can I just clear one thing up?


Sorry about that. I am genuinely pleased at the Heritage Lottery Fund's decision to send a heap of money Nottingham Castle's way. I'm a big fan of the Castle which has a mass of history to it and is a genuinely interesting place to visit. The absolute highlight is the cave tour, something which will be extended under the plans. Nottingham really should be making more of its cave network and this is a good start.

There has been the predictable complaint in the 'Post' comments demanding we knock the current building down and build a 'proper' castle (see above for my standard reaction), ignoring the fact that it's a Grade 1 listed building and that the story of its appearance and near destruction is a big part of Nottingham's history in its own right.

I'm particularly interested in the fact that there are plans to tell the story of the various rebels and rioters, in particular the Reform Act Riots of 1831, from Nottingham's past.

Wonder where they got that idea from?

Mock executions at the Galleries of Justice anybody?

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