Monday, 10 June 2013

Crackdown On Lucrative Second Hand Wheelie Bin Market

A couple of years ago I had a wheelie bin nicked. It all ended happily, I got a new one free of charge without too much trouble. If I hadn't been dirt poor I'd have had to pay for it but I am so I didn't.

However, if a Twitter friend's experience is anything to go by, this soft-hearted liberal approach has been set aside as Nottingham City Council looks like it is taking a firm hand to the suspected wheelie-bin second-hand market.

Yes, it seems that NCC is so worried about people 'pretending' to have their wheelie-bins stolen that they are requiring victims to CALL THE POLICE before accepting that a genuine loss has occurred.

Impressively, the rozzers are leaving no stone unturned. As you can see, they are actually going out to visit Karen about her loss. That's value for money for you. Apparently, when she called them up they asked her for a description of the aforementioned pilfered waste receptacle...

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