Thursday, 3 May 2012

Councillor Makes Desperate Smear Against the Post

We're used to JoCo denigrating the 'Post' as biased whenever it fails to quite toe the party line but Berridge Ward councillor Toby Neal has stepped in with a particularly amateurish attempt, presumably to curry favour with the boss -

As you can see, Neal claimed that the Post wouldn't print 'good news' stories about Nottingham, specifically that Nottingham is Europe's most energy self sufficient city.

Unfortunately for Cllr Neal, not long ago the 'Post' printed a story about exactly that, somewhat undermining his argument. However, Neal then went on to justify his outburst with a non-specific accusation about a 'piece today' and was justifiably ridiculed for this by 'Post' columnist Erik Petersen.

Local Government correspondent Delia Monk then challenged Neal's allegation and requested further clarification of his problem -

Neal later confirmed that it was this editorial that had got his thong in a twist.

While the editorial is somewhat negative it's bang on the money regarding local Labour's pathetically alarmist and downright dishonest 'No' campaign. As for the allegations of development failures, at least they didn't mention the Trinity Square carbuncle.

Certain Labour figures seem to equate Nottingham's fortunes with the Party's fortunes and imply that an attack on one is an attack on the other. This childish victim mentality, combined with an apparent 'right to rule' attitude is ridiculous for a council with such a huge Labour majority and has to stop.

A local newspaper should challenge those in power and should not simply be a cheerleader for the local authority as Neal and Collins seem to expect. The 'Post' does print positive articles about the Labour council's achievements. But it also writes about some of the fuck-ups. That's how it should be.

Dry yer eyes, Councillor Toby Neal.

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