Saturday, 13 August 2011

Good News!

No really! And it's about freedom of information too! Not shitting you I PROMISE!!!

Anyway, via a slightly bizarre route*, I have received confirmation that NCC is planning on publishing all its FoI responses on its website.

This is an excellent development and, not only will it increase openness, it will hopefully reduce information governance staff workloads a bit too. So they'll have more time to answer all those extra FoI requests we've all got saved up! (only joking).

But yes, good stuff, lets keep it up and all that and I hope it works ok.

*I originally asked about this on the questions for full council bit of the website because, naively perhaps, I thought it was a policy issue that the politicians would have to decide. I was a bit confused when it got shunted off to FoI. Not least because I wasn't accused of being vexatious...

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