Tuesday, 8 December 2009

It Could have Been So Much Worse...

Found an interesting little web snippet recently (actually I did briefly mention it before but I've had another look) which is a short account of positive spin on why NCC had to spend a massive fortune on consultants to fool the Audit Commission that the Housing Benefits Service isn't crap fix its Housing Benefits Service.

Anyway, towards the end of the piece is a paragraph called 'Developing People' and it features my old mucker Lisa Black, last seen making a tit out of herself at my tribunal.

Anyway, we are told that in 2002 Lisa was 'Senior Manager for Rents and Benefits' and admits that things 'were not going well'.

"The management team was in a constantly failing environment – we thought there was no way out of it” she says.

This tells you a lot about the sort of person she is. She was head honcho of rents and benefits but she wasn't failing, she was "...in a constantly failing environment..." It wasn't her fault, it was the environment she was in OBV.

Yeah right. Talk about an inability to take responsibility for your own crapness. Or an inability to recognise it maybe.

The piece goes on to say -

"As a result of the development, Lisa’s management abilities have significantly improved."

Good fuckin grief, what was she like before I had the misfortune to run into her?

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