Friday, 27 November 2009

Covering Up

Not tribunal related this one, just some business as usual.

As you know I regularly feature portfolio holder decisions which in turn regularly feature wads of cash finding its way to PricewaterhouseCoopers. Occasionally I complain that not much info is given, e.g. the size of those wads of cash.

Different issue this time, NCC has now decided that they don't have to publish one of Councillor Clark's decisions to approve an NCC investment in some properties. See ref no 596 here.

The reasoning is as follows -

"That the Council in partnership with Nottingham City NHS exercise the option to purchase freehold interests in a number of properties for development. This decision is exempt from publication under paragraph 3 of Schedule 12A to the Local Government Act 1972 because it contains information relating to the financial or business affairs of any particular person (including the authority holding that information) and, having regard to all the circumstances, the public interest in maintaining the"

And yes, it does stop mid sentence like that which is presumably a clue as to how much thought goes into such decisions.

The question I have is how many portfolio decisions AREN'T about NCC's business affairs? And what happened to the principle of having the right to know what our taxes are being spent on?

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Gordon Brown's Moral Compass Swinger said...

Complain and make life difficult for them, otherwise they will not think twice about withholding evidence in future tribunals.

It demonstrates the depths to which we have sunk as a country. Prime ministers feel they can lie to Parliament about the real causes for going to war,secret loans to banks, etc etc.and some scrote at the council thinks they can fast and loose with the rules in an attempt to p155 up your back.