Friday, 21 August 2009

Kerchingagain (again)

Nearly forgot to mention, old friends PricewaterhouseCooper have just trousered another £60k for financial advice. This time it's for the planned Joint Service Centre at Bulwell.

They're not the only ones though, local legal bods Browne Jacobson have got a similar amount for legal advice.

They're old City Council favourites as well and have been noted trawling this very website. They also spent quite a lot of time looking at my photo website a few months back when I was in a dispute with NCC which was a bit odd. Whoever set their IT up must be barely literate because their network name is spelt Browne Jacobsen...

Friends and family etc.

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Radnor said...

It's not just the waste of council tax money which is the problem of employing consultants, but it also jeopardises the jobs of staff working at the council. a good many of whom are relatively low paid.

The latest round of redundancies was supposed to be because the council's budget was £20 million short. Of this amount £12 million was apparently spent on paying for consultants.

All these consultants do is interview staff about the problems and ask what they'd do and then write this up for their report and collect the money.