Saturday, 8 May 2010

Hung Parliament

So we have hung Parliament for the first time in a while. On the plus side that won me a few drinking vouchers from Mr William Hill esq.

However, it's very clear to me that our voting system is not delivering what the electorate demands. 23% vote for the Lib Dems and they only get 57 seats, 29% vote Labour and they get 258. And that's before we take into account the skewing effects of tactical voting, of which I suspect there was a great deal nationwide from the widely varying swings.

So I would like to ask all readers of this blog to visit this campaign and sign their petition


Let's keep up the pressure for electoral reform.

PS. It seems that there are over 3000 avowed racists in Nottingham who voted BNP and that was with no candidate standing in Nottm East. They got 5.7% in my manor, Nottm North. This is very disappointing.

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