Friday, 27 June 2014

What Disjointed Policy Looks Like Pt 94

Buskers. Mixed bag aren't they? For every Sam Lindo there's some idiot bellowing about a BRII-IIIDGE OVERRR TERRUBBLED WORT-ARRRR or blasting away on an annoying tin whistle (tautology alert).

But you know, some people like that sort of thing. A range of abilities is an essential part of busking, all part of the variety and spontaneity and all that.

Nottingham City Council seems a bit confused about what ti thinks about busking, as evidenced by these two tweets -

So only 'authorised' buskers allowed. Have you got a license for that ukelele young man? THE MAN has declared war on street entertainment. Certainly, if I wanted to help kill off a local street entertainment scene, a load of clumsy regulation is probably the means I'd use.

But hang on, what's this?

It seems that THE MAN loves buskers now, we've got the 'Big Busk', all part of the vibrant city and all that. Note that they include a 'code of conduct' as long as your arm although much of it is probably unenforceable.

You also have to apply for a permit, although the legal basis for such a requirement isn't made clear. They've probably simply made one up. Perhaps it's all about getting people used to the idea of being subject to regulation...

So it looks like NCC loves the 'vibrant city' aspect of busking, as long as it's only the right sort of authorised vibrance and that there isn't too much of it in one go. I wonder which committee will get the job of holding auditions.

Personally, just like the public space drinking issue, it's another case of the regulation/ASB fetishists wanking themselves into a frenzy at another opportunity to stamp their authority on the public space.

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