Friday, 7 December 2012

Our Man in the Plastic Throne - Ian Curryer

NCC has announced the appointment of its new Chief Exec.

Ian Curryer was previously the Corporate Director for Children and Families which, via a convoluted route, also meant he was the statutory chief officer for adults' social work too. This might make replacing him in those posts a mite tricky.

One wonders how Carole Mills-Evans, the Deputy Chief Exec who stood in as acting Chief Exec feels about this as she has effectively been leapfrogged. Not that I care too much seeing as the silly cow has blocked me on Twitter (crybaby). I don't know if she applied, all I know from the announcement was that there were three candidates up for final selection.

Other than the above I know absolutely nothing about him so there's no point in me speculating how things will be with him at the helm. Although I suspect the apple carts are safe from any disturbance.

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