Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Forest Fields CCTV

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I'd previously blogged about the prospect of CCTV being installed in Forest Fields and that the idea wasn't universally popular. There were also suggestions that the methods of 'consultation' were a little flawed.

Today, Indymedia is reporting that the scheme has "has been approved by Councillor Jon Collins". The information apparently comes from a letter to the campaigners from NCC.

Presuming it's true, this doesn't say a lot about democracy or even the much vaunted 'area working' within NCC. The Area 4 Committee didn't even mention CCTV at their meeting on 21 May, despite the fact that campaigners had written to Berridge Ward Councillors raising further objections on 1 May, not to mention the public meeting on 23 April.

Still, JoCo wants it ergo it happens.

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alanadale said...

Love the picture. At first I thought it was 'Photoshopped' but, after some research, it appears that Putin is a big fan of JoCo's approach and the picture is genuine.